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Ladies:  Imagine that someone offered you a cushy room and all the food you could eat in exchange for having babies.  The following conditions apply:
       -  You have one baby per year
       -  You never actually have sex; a trained doctor will use artificial insemination to get you pregnant
       -  You give up each baby once it's weaned, with the knowledge that it too will have a cushy lifestyle
       -  You have to let people come in and watch you give birth and take pictures
As long as you agree to the conditions, you'll be taken care of for your entire life (even after you're too old to give birth).  Would you do it?

Guys:  Same perks, different conditions:
       -  You have to masturbate at least 4 times per week and let strangers watch/take pictures
       -  You never actually get to have sex
       -  If your sperm aren't good enough for their purposes, you can never masturbate or have sex ever again
Again, as long as you agree to the conditions, you'll be taken care of for your entire life (even after you're too old).  Would you agree to that?

(Please specify whether you're a guy or a girl)

EDIT:  I had a feeling that most people would say no. The thing is, that's what a broodmare's (or breeding stallion's) life is like. They get taken care of their entire lives in exchange for making babies.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make some profound statement or anything. I'm in an equine breeding class and suddenly went, "Wait a minute. Human beings would never allow this to be done to them." Does that make it inhumane? I have no idea. I'm not really against it, per se, it was just kind of a "well, if you put it that way" kind of moment.

And before you ask, "Well, if you figured people would say know, then why did you post it in the first place?"--I could've been wrong, and there may be people out there for whom this is an attractive idea.
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