So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
So useless and so pretty and so good

Question (obviously).

One of my younger mates recently got his P's (drivers permit). The last few months he's developed this thing where he has to go to sleep in his bed after a night of drinking. I used to pay for a taxi as I didn't want him walking home for over an hour at 3am on a deserted, pitch black highway.

Well, now that he has his license he's apparently been driving home drunk. The drive is a good 15 minutes on a pitch black, near deserted highway with a lot of twists & turns. He now either lies to me, or waits until I'm distracted or asleep before he drives home because he knows I'll pretty much tackle him to the ground before I'll let him in the car.

If this keeps going on, would you recommend me telling his mother? I go to the gym with her most days & I'm really getting scared that he'll crash at 3am with no one to find him for hours.

I love the guy to death & want to keep him safe, but I know our relationship would never be the same if I did something like 'dob him in' to his mum.

Edit: I'll take his keys off of him & tell my mates to when I'm not there (which I didn't think of, seeing as I'm an idiot). And if he still gets his hands on the keys, call the cops. I think getting pulled up by the cops for drink driving is a lot worse then me telling her. Plus, I stay out of the middle of the situation.
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