inhale and exhale on repeat (loveinillusion) wrote in thequestionclub,
inhale and exhale on repeat

photo pricing.

There's this lady that wants me to take pictures of her husbands band sometime next week. I believe they are going to be still shots. In the end, I'll basically be giving her all my work with edits onto a CD so she can print and use what she wishes. (I don't have the capability or time to print and price her through only the ones she wants to have.)

So my question is - from the photographers point of view, what would you charge?

And from her point of view, what would you be willing to pay?

I was thinking 100 bucks. Travel, time, editing. I don't want to over price her, but I'm not going to sell myself out either. Plus, she'll have all my work, for continuous copies afterwards.
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