gravity¨defiant (701126) wrote in thequestionclub,

I won a poster on ebay, paid for it on March 18, and finally got it today, in this HUGE tube...about twice as big as it needed to be, length wise. I took it out, and the ends were slightly...crinkled. Observe:

Pictures are huge cause I wanted detail to show, so I hope it does :P

Now, should I still give the guy good feedback? He mailed it the day after I sent the money. But the edges being bent kind of sucks. :/ He had this thing saying "if you don't purchase insurance it's not my fault if it gets damaged blah blah", and I didn't purchase insurance, but that was cause I didn't even see an option too. I've never bought anything on ebay before, so maybe the n00bness just kicked in and made me miss it, but I also noticed this:

Shipping insurance
Domestic: US $2.50 Optional
International: Not offered

I live in Canada, so is that considered international from the US? If so, am I unable to get shipping insurance?

I'm leaning towards giving neutral feedback, cause he sent it quickly, but it is somewhat damaged. I don't know if my reasoning is justified though, and I'm also scared he'll leave me bad feedback if I don't give him positive (since I have no feedback from him yet). I'm new to the whole ebay thing, so feedback plz!

Also, is there a good way to flatten out the edges?
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