Killer Queen (cake_n_bacon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Killer Queen

Why would somebody not be able to see the 3-D images in 3-D movies?
I don't know, I never see the 3-D things and it's annoying.

What is your ringtone?
Ooh la la by Goldfrapp

Coloring Easter eggs is fun: yes/no?
I love it! Every year we color our Easter eggs the friday before Easter and it's always a big to-do, with all of our paint and dye and crayons (yes, crayons), we love it.

How can I get my boyfriend to spend more time with my family? We've been dating 1 1/2 years and he's only been around them a few times, he hates being outside of his comfort zone (translation: house), and my family is the complete opposite of his. Any suggestions to make him relax more?
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