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Returning presents

For my birthday (today!), my dad went out by himself and bought me a gift, which he's never done before; usually mom my just buys something from the whole family.

Anyways, I think the effort is adorable and the present is really nice—it's just not me. He got me a jacket (in white) from lululemon, which is an athletic store that has been hugely popular for the last few years. (The pants are a phenomenon unto themselves.)

I was planning on returning this gift as soon as I received it, assuming that he'd probably never notice. (My parents are splitting up, so I'll only see him half of the time anyways.) But now everyone else has made me worried that this would be rude and he would notice.

It's about $120 CAD, and I'd much prefer to take that money and spend it on something else.

What would you do with a received expensive gift that you could return? Is it necessary to tell the gift-giver?
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