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Technology is the ROOT CAUSE of modern environmental problems


eep, pretend I worded that as: "is technology the ROOT CAUSE of today's environmental problems?" Also, this question is copied exactly from my philosophy paper, and is open to interpretation.

I'm writing a philosophy essay on this question for my Environmental Ethics class, and while the results of this poll have absolutely nothing to do with my paper, I was just curious as to what other people think (my own family is heavily divided, though I find it interesting that I agree more with my insanely right-wing dad than I do with my somewhat liberal younger sister).

Feel free to explain your answer in the comments, but don't feel obligated. ;)

ETA: secondary question! Do you think reverting to the Amish-type way of life is the best solution to environmental problems? A girl in my Concepts of Environmentalism class firmly believed so.

My answer: While I'm sure it would be effective, I don't believe it is in any way a viable option. Humankind is way too far past that to be able to regress without massive changes in way of life and way of thinking.
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