The Dispatcher (ex_911pleas) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Dispatcher

Unclaimed property

About a week ago, I got this notice in the mail about how I have this bank account that my dad set up, with $300 in it. I have to claim it, since for some reason or another, it ended up going to the state. I just claimed it online. BUT, my question to you fine people is whether or not you think they'll give it to me, because I have a different address than the one printed on the form. I provided my SSN and my driver's license, though, so do you think they'll give me the money in my name?
Have you ever gotten any UCP?
What was it?!
Have you ever inherited anything? What was it?
What's the coolest thing you've ever found?

ETA: It's NOT a scam. It's through the WSECU, which is my dad's credit union. My whole family was skeptical, but we called the bank, which has the same number as the one on this notice, and they confirmed. I also could have done it through mail, but chose to do it online, since I do my banking online anyways. Plus, my dad remembers setting it up in 2004 for my birthday checks. Thank you for watching my back though!
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