anapology (anapology) wrote in thequestionclub,

i'd try google but I don't know where to start in less than this rather vague description.

Does anyone know what those magic drawings are called that looked like a repetative pattern of something but if you make your eyes go fuzzy and stare into them, it reveals a 3D image?

edit as I found it from the first comment, thankyou :-) So.. by using the first comments link, can you see the image? How quickly?

I can see them straight away, I'd forgotten how fascinated I used to be by this!

Please can you reccomend me an author/book?

I'm going on holiday on Friday and am heading book shopping tomorrow. We have an amazing second hand book shop near my house that has anything and everything, I read a lot so it's like heaven.. i shall take the list and see what I find.
In return I reccomend 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets'- Eva Rice. I've just finished it, an absolutely delightful book that I never wanted to finish, alas it was so good it took me no time at all!
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