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You live in a tiny conservative town. You're at work in the itty-bitty Subway you work at and open the local paper to pass time since you have no customers ever because you live in a town with only a couple thousand other people and find the letter under the cut printed up (not as a letter to the editor, even, but in a place where advertising space was purchased to print it where and how it is). It's the kind of thing you wouldn't put past people in the community saying, but yet you still don't want to believe it. Do you take the guy seriously/believe he's sincere?

Typo City, I know, but this is exactly how it appeared:

I'm all for kids having fun. But, what if Easter bunnies and eggs and such like are offensive to my religious beliefs as a Christian?

Will I call for a rally to protest? A march on Washington? Will I lead an effort to "ban the bunny!?" Do I have any right to be heard in the country anymore? A middle-aged white Christian man? As pastor of Liberty Friends Meeting, I still have (for a little longer) the right or responsibility to preach the Truth. Do you know what Easter is all about? I'm not a rocket scientist but I have figured this one out and I'll tell ya what the Bible says if you care. The truth isn't all that popular I guess. But I think there are still some folks interested. Are you? Have a blessed Easter season.

Rob Clark
Pastor Liberty Friends

I don't want to believe it, especially since I hold a ministerial position in the oldest Quaker meeting in the community and know that we aren't all this crazy. D: But before I write any kind of response, I want to know if maybe this is a big, dumb joke I'm not getting (which I doubt, as I'd bet my paycheck he means it,  and I'm full of bad, unfunny jokes myself).
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