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college recommmendation, please

I'm a junior in high school. I'm looking at colleges to apply to in the fall, since I need to give myself some time to visit as many as possible. Considering the following criteria, I'd appreciate some recommendations. There's just too many colleges out there for me to explore them all.

-I have a 4.0 GPA and am #1 in my class.
-I got a 2210 (out of 2400) on the SAT. Math was my worst section. I plan on retaking it to go for higher, especially since I got 2 perfect 800s on the reading and writing sections and just need to bring up the math.
-I am especially interested in psychology. I am also considering psychiatry and neurology. I am interested in minors in creative writing, political science, and possibly philosophy. I plan on going on to get my PhD or MD.
-I dance and play the flute, and would like to continue to do so for fun. I do both strictly for recreation, however, and am not interested in an amazing, highly competitive program. I just want to have fun.
-I have spent the past 11 years of my education regurgitating what my teachers say on a piece of paper for a good grade. I am rather sick of doing so. I want a college that emphasizes creative thinking and personal involvement. I want to think for myself.
-I do like to party. No super-serious schools for me. And, preferably, a lower-stress school as well.
-Money. I am poor. I need a school with lots of merit-based financial aid. Obviously, I can earn it.
-Chances to help the community. I currently do a lot of volunteer work and would like to continue to do so in college. I like to "make a difference" and all that.
-Good food and decent dorms, please.

Not that I'm picky or anything, right? Anyway, I'm currently considering:
Washington University in St. Louis
Indiana University (as a backup)

I am, however, very open to other suggestions. So, ideas?
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