Captain America (listenlouder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain America

another question:

for all those NCIS fans out there:

so i was in the boards, and someone was discussing this past Tuesday's episode (which was amazing), and they said that "Tony was screwed because he fell in love with Jeanne, even though she's his assignment. now... what the hell does that mean? did i miss some crucial part of an episode where it states this? if this is true...who the hell is taking those pictures of them?

i feel like this might be true, and if so, i am an idiot, because i love this show and that's pretty damn important to this season.

(i also found out that the Season Finale *cue music* is on May 22nd weeeeeeee!)

any insight on this would be great.


I apologize for the bad HTMLing, it's fixed now.
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