navigating by the stars at night (latenightdrives) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Let's say that a man and a woman are dating. The man is very childfree (doesn't hate kids, but definitely doesn't want his own) and the woman is on the fence (somedays wants them, somedays doesn't). The relationship progresses and they begin sleeping together, taking the necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy. Somehow the woman winds up pregnant (condom breaks, she forgets a pill, nature hates them, whatever) She decides to keep the child, even though she knows the man is childfree and does not want his own children (as they have discussed this many times)

Do you think it's fair the man ultimately has no choice in the matter? (I mean this in the sense that while yes, he made the choice to have sex, he cannot force her to abort a child and she makes the final decision on whether or not she will continue the pregnancy)

Should he have to pay child support?

Does your opinion change if the man isn't childfree/hasn't discussed not wanting children with the woman?

-edit- this has no relation to my post last night about pregnancy. :)
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