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Welcome to Retail!

Inspired by trilliam421979's recent post, and my own horrible work schedule:

1. Do you work retail?
1a. If you do, do you have Easter off?

2. What is the most horrid work schedule you have ever had?

3. What is the worst raise you've been given?

1. Unfortunately. (Barnes & Noble)
1a. Nope. And my job is one of the few places that *will* be open on Easter. My boyfriend's job being another one.

2. The one I have now. It fluctuates between 7:30a to 4p, 8:30a to 5p, 11:30a to 8p and 3:30p to midnight. There is no telling how many of which shift I am going to get, or what days off I will end up with. And I never get 2 days off in a row unless I specifically ask for them.

3. When I worked for Starbucks, the raises capped at 30 cents per review. Reviews were every six months. :(
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