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Let's have some fun!

About a year or so back I did a post asking who people thought was the best portrayal of the Devil on the big screen, or little one if you rent more than you goto the movies. I chose Al Pacino for his work in The Devil's Advocate & Gabriel Byrne from End of Days because it couldn't possibly get anymore accurate than that.

Just my opinion.

So, this time let's take a shot for the other team. Who do you think did the best job portraying God & Jesus on the big or little screen? While I realize (Holy Trinity and all) that most folks are big with the Jesus & God are the same gotta admit that not many actors can pull that kinda thing off. So, try and pick for each role.

My answers:
Actually haven't seen a lot of Jesus onscreen that I can clearly recall, most of it's stuff I saw as a much smaller me; vaguely recall Jesus Christ Superstar but not enough to say anything about it and I mainly just remember I didn't like it much.

As to God, that's beyond easy. For the Oh God series (saw the 1st & 3rd) I'd say George Burns is possibly the best God I've ever seen. Add to that a dash of Alannis Morrisette from Dogma and that's the best I've seen for portraying the Big Guy.

I'd like to think that the actual Truth can be gleaned from a hybridization of the two.

So, who do you like for these roles?
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