on_my_heart (on_my_heart) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I know a ton of you have cats. I ended up getting the cat last night. She is a black persian, and has GREEN eyes, so beautiful. Since I brought her home last night, she has been hiding in her litter box. She hasn't ate, or drank anything. She won't come out. Should I leave her in there? Or take her out? Should I give her some tuna? Or is that a 'movie thing'? She let me brush her for about 2 hours last night, because she obviously has not been brushed in a long time, if ever. After 2 hours, I could have kept going, but I had to stop, my arm was killing me. She reeks like smoke, and seems very sad. When I saw her at the house she was jumping all over me, like a dog, it was cute.

Is there a cat community here on LJ?
Do persians always shed like it takes 2 hours of brushing?
What can I do to make her happier/more comfortable?
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