Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

You can choose the way you die. Which of these scenarios would you prefer to be the way you 'go out'?

You get shot in the gut while protecting some orphan children from a gang attack. You die a slow, very painful death. However, the city recognizes you as a hero. Your face is in every paper in the country as the tale of your heroism is told
You're accused of murder, and sentenced to death. A new method of capital punishment is utterly painless and you feel bliss as you die. However, you die a hated murderer and bring shame to your family
You're taking a dump in a Port-a-potty at a county faire. You push too hard and your heart erupts. You die instantly. However, your body is found with your pants around your ankles in mid-poop
You die in bed at the age of 110. Everyone you knew in life passed on years ago, and you've been forgotten by your existing relatives. You die alone in a nursing home when you lapse into a coma and they pull the plug a couple weeks later
You die in mid-coitus. Such great sex and your heart gives out during the climax. However, the person you were having sex with was not your SO. It was the best sex you ever had, but there will be repercussions to your infidelity

TQC is now the set of 300. Places, people. What role do you play?

The leader (Leonidas). I am driven, have presence and possess the focus and commitment to principle to lead 300 soldiers in a suicide mission. I am the best fighter among the best fighters in the world
One of the 300. I am loyal and brave and refuse to break in the face of extreme duress. I am one of the best warriors the world has seen. However, it's not exactly a long life
The god (Xerxes). Egomanic and used to the finer things in life, you live to have people kiss your divine ass and it irks you when you don't get your way
I am Leonidas' wife. Strong of mind and spirit, I will do anything for my husband and for my country. I am fiercely protective
I am Dilios, the surviving Spartan. I was instructed to go back and tell the tale. I was selected because I'm gifted at speaking
I am some random Spartan, who was not at the battle. Still cool, but not part of the drama or glory
I am a boy-lover from Athens

If marijuana is a gateway drug, what is the gateway activity to furryism?

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