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(For current and former students at UC Santa Cruz)

I am a Senior in high school and next year I will be attending UCSC. I had a tour of the campus today and learned about the college system. After having heard the "official" descriptions of the various colleges and having seen them, I still cannot decide which one I want to attend.

I think that I am debating between Merill, Cowell, and possibly Porter but I really have no idea what's right for me.

My question is this: What's the "word on the street" about the various colleges, especially those I named. Which ones have the most intensive party scene? Which have the least? What's your general impression of them? What are the unofficial reputations of the colleges, particularly Merill, Cowell, and Porter?

If it helps, I am a female, lesbian, into reading, writing, and social activism. I listen to a ton of music and will probably major in either History or Anthropology. I smoke weed but don't drink much and I generally tend to be pretty quiet and laid back, however I do like to party and would like at least some access to a social scene. I like peace and tranquility but I also have no problem with loud noise and some crazyness.

Apart from that, is there any other random information I should know about the school that they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't tell me on my tour? Do you like it? Is there anything you think I should know?

Thank you!
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