The Light Snarktastic (snarkophagus) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Light Snarktastic

#$%*@# Excel!

O great wise TQC, I am in a dilemma.  I just wrote the mother of all if/then statements in Excel.  The problem is, it has eight functions.  If I didn't have two wildly different variables, I could cut it down to four, but as it is, I need three sub-variables for each of the main ones to reach two end results.

Can someone (please, for the love of God) tell me, can two of the sub-variables be combined within one function to get me under the seven-function cap?  For example:

(Main variable (IF A or B, do one thing), (if C, do another)).

Right now, it has to read (main variable (if A, do this), (if B, do that), and (if C, shove it up your spreadsheet ass)).

In my dream world, I can add an "OR" function to the example of what I want.  I just can't figure out how.  Anyone know if / how this can be done?  I'll be your best friend if you tell me.

Edit: Also, dammit, how do I tell it to do something in the case of B, when B translates to "if this column formatted for a date is blank, do it." Right now I have it set as "If the formatted cell equals 0, do it," and that function is completely ignored. How do I specify "if it's blank?"
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