marilyn (_imnotcrazy_) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is annoying you right now?

There is this girl at my school, very nice, but she just COMES IN to my apartment without notice (it's dorm apartments, she knocks on the door and the roommates answer...).  She usually comes in on Wednesdays, a few hours before we have a class at 6:30.  

Just a few minutes ago, she knocks.  I'm very busy: I have to do lots of writing for a research paper (which she should be doing TOO, damn it!) AND studying for a test tomorrow (which she should also be doing too), and I'm figuring out where I'm going to live next semester (since I'm getting kicked off because of the DAMN INCOMING FRESHMEN getting priority), and I'm figuring out some birthright stuff for the summer.  And damn it, she knocks on the door, asking me if I wanted to go clubbing with her.  As much as I'd like to go clubbing, I have books on the desk and papers (and I'm on LJ, which is very very important :P), I can't go clubbing.  Because it is a Tuesday night, I have work to do, and I need to figure lots of stuff out.  Seriously.  CALL ME FIRST!!  I should have never given this girl my apartment number.
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