sonnetxxix (sonnetxxix) wrote in thequestionclub,

Chain Letters

1. Have you ever participated in a chain letter?
2. Did the thing that was supposed to happen, happen?
My MIL evidently participated in a chain letter involving grandmothers sending books to grandchildren. Instead of her name and address, she put my daughter's name on the list and her age and then sent age appropriate books to all the kids on her list. The fact that she sent my 2YO daughter's information to complete strangers kind of freaks me out. I wish she'd asked me about it.
3. Have you heard of this particular chain letter?
According to Wiki, chain letters going through the US Postal Service are illegal if they involve money or anything of value. Asking for money is illegal but asking for business cards or recipes is not.
4. Would books be considered to be something of value?

Just curious.
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