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Thanks for the memories

My cousin unexpectedly died two months ago. We were really close and called each other 'brother' and 'sister.' To say that his death hit me hard is a huge understatement. He was in the military, loving every moment of it, when he died. (FTR he died of freakish natural causes and it was not related to him being in the Army.)
Yesterday I got a postcard from my best friend in the mail. On the front... Arlington Cemetery. (She knew about his death, even called me on the day of his memorial.)

Insensitive or her just being a dumb-blonde again?
And do I bother saying anything to her about it? (Sad thing is, she's so self centered, if I did say anything, she'd probably take it as a personal attack and get pissy.)

My co-worker is being a total dip-shit today. Can I just throw office supplies at her until she goes away?
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