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Sylar's suite

5:30 AM 4/3/07 · I've been trying to wrap my head around this but I'm still more than a bit confused. The cliffhanger last of the first 11 episodes of Heroes has Sylar locked up in the "Paper Company" in a special little room; actually there for a few episodes but work with me. This room can seemingly neutralize all of his powers, made obvious by Bennet being outside the glass without the Haitian in tow and completely safe. So, Eden goes in there to kill Sylar and obviously doesn't turn on all the room's features, or turned that one thing off, so she could order him to kill himself...

...which doesn't go exactly as planned.

My questions are twofold on this moment and I was hoping one of you might be able to help me.
  • First time they faced off, Eden could easily affect him with her powers of persuasion. Why do you figure that didn't work that last time in the room?

  • Before she blew her own brains out, Syler looked at the gun and told Eden that she knew that wouldn't stop him. So far as anyone knows the guy doesn't have any regenerative abilities, Bennet and crew had to patch him up from the fall he took with Peter, so why would the gun not harm him?

Thanks in advance!
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