<3Sarah (hatefatwhores) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry for the annoying personal question, but I'm desperate.

Okay .. so I went out with a boy for a year and a few months and we broke up on bad terms about 7 months ago .. We don't really talk much, but lately he's been hinting at wanting to be friends again .. I'm still not really over him, but his birthday's coming up and I want to make him a card .. I need some opinions on what I wrote on the inside :

Happy birthday! I hope your day is great and all that. I don't think I'm mature enough to want to be your friend. There's just too much to forget about. But! it is your birthday and I didn't want to be a jerk and ignore it. Have fun being 18. It's my favorite number and it's a good age to be. People will take you way more seriously and stuff. I'm running out of room so I'll end with another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

- Sarah

Do you think that's light and airy enough? Should I even be sending him a card?

He was my first important boyfriend and first heart break .. I don't know how I should handle it. Any other advice?
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