Grappleberry Punch (grappleyo) wrote in thequestionclub,
Grappleberry Punch

OK, True or False Time. 

1) Oogloplogs and Dijiks are the same thing.
2) Oogloplogs and Dijiks are not the same thing.

One of these is true, one of these is false.  You know that much.  But you have no idea wtf is an oogloplog or a Djik.  Do you:

A) Play it safe: answer them both true or both false, knowing you'll get 50% right either way.
B) Go all or nothing: answer one true, one false, either get 100% or 0% correct.

I always go with A, but when I was little I would go B to the extreme, I would make 1 initial guess and let that 1 guess influence all my other answers.  It was bad.
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