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oh & time's a loaded gun.

for the great literary minds of TQC

We have to write a term paper for my The Bible as Literature and Philosophy class. We can pretty much do anything, like write a traditional term paper, write a play, a story, whatevs as long as it has to do with the Bible SOMEHOW (they are being quite lenient actually).  Another example: one could write a paper about how different religions or cultures view Hell. I've decided to take a couple books (mostly the ones dealing Adam & Eve eating from the forbidden tree) from Milton's Paradise Lost and kind of modernize them into prose-style writing, and reverse the roles of Adam and Eve to make Adam the one who eats the fruit and is riddled with stereotypes (since Eve is kind of portrayed as this sexual being who's dumb as hell). 
EDIT: I forgot. I'm also writing it from Satan's/the serpent's perspective. Oops.

1. Is this a stupid idea?
2. If you had to write my paper in general, what would you write about?
3. I'm using quotes from Paradise Lost as sort of transition points in my story.  I'm really bad with citing things; does anyone know how to properly quote them (since it's a poem... that's broken up into books... which are then broken up into lines... I get confused :X)
4. Do you think women get a bad rep in the Bible (mostly Old Testament)/Paradise Lost?
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