thenablessed (thenablessed) wrote in thequestionclub,

There's this guy that works at the local Dunkin Donuts every Monday and Tuesday night. He's really funny, and he gives my friends and me discounts/free coffee. We like going to talk to him. (And get coffee, of course.)

Here's the problem. Last time I went there by myself and he was working (I go every Tuesday night, usually alone), he spent about 10 minutes trying to convince me to stay there until they closed. He actually asked me, "What would it take for you to stay after hours?" I was really creeped out. I mean, it's not like he's old, but I'm in college, and he's probably in his late thirties. To top it all off, I've ever really thought of myself as being that attractive, so to have this "old" guy hitting on me was definitely unexpected. Also, when I'm with me friends he's completely different--you'd never think that he'd do something like that. So here's my question, TQC:

Do I keep going in and getting the discounts, and just put up with the creepiness? Is that "using" him?
Should I just go through the drive-through?
Or am I just being paranoid?

Please help...this has really been bothering me for a while.
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