junsui_chikyuu (junsui_chikyuu) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was reading some Peter/Susan (Narnia) fics and in one of the reviews for a fic someone said something about incest being illegal "back in the day" or something. To which in my head I thought "Incest is still illegal, babe." But then I thought maybe this person is from somewhere where it is legal... but couldn't think or find mention of any such place. So. Here's the question:

Does anyone know of any country where incest is legal - I mean blood relatives allowed to procreate and/or get married? In this case, I'm talking about siblings (but feel free to mention cousins and aunts and such too).
Also, is it legal to marry your stepsibling? What if your parent had adopted them? Even if there is no blood, is it illegal?

Thanks guys!
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