more like me (uberash) wrote in thequestionclub,
more like me

Reality tv

1. Do you watch reality television?
2. If so, what shows?
3. What do you enjoy about it/them?
4. What reality shows do you dislike? Why?
5. What kind of shows would you most like to see on television?
6. How would you go about protesting reality television?

I'm watching the first episode of 'Sons of Hollywood' a show about rich kids. I can think of a hand full of other shows about rich kids Filthy Rich Cattle Drive, The Simple Life, Rich Girls (MTV show w/ Ally Hilfigure), The Osbournes, Gastineau Girls, House of Carters, My Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach...and others. I think there's even one about rich girls on WE now too.

Because I've lived in apartment buildings and dorms for a while I'm not eligible for a neilson tv ratings book. Those are only sent out to home homes, not apartment complexes or any other alternative living situation which excludes a great deal of the population in the US.

I'm trying to think of ideas of how to work against reality television based on no talent wastes of flesh who would be hobos if it weren't for their parents money. But because I have no say in television ratings based on my living status I'm a little stumped as to how to get this crap off the television. I need ideas plllllease.
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