Billy Pilgrim (cecilydolce) wrote in thequestionclub,
Billy Pilgrim

Do you a friend with a medical disorder? How did you find out? Do you ever feel awkward mentioning it or is it just a normal thing?

If you have a disease/condition, would you rather have your friends be comfortable with it and joke around, or just not mention it? How would you feel if they asked you questions about it?

Anything funny ever happen in relation to it?

Just wondering because my friend of a few months has diabetes. I remember the second night I met him I noticed his medicalert bracelet and was wicked curious, but didn't want to be a tool and bring it up. But at the end of the night as he was leaving I grabbed his leg and asked him.

So yea, now it's pretty comfortable, comes up off-hand a lot, of course. But I've always wanted to ask him stuff about it, and worry he'll be annoyed, haha.

What really made me think of this was yesterday another friend got a pretzel, but then tried to give it to my friend.

B: "OH MY GOD, I can't eat this. There SO MUCH SUGAR ON THIS. Here, eat it."
C: "He says to the diabetic..."

Thought that was pretty funny. Ok, I'm done. Your experiences?
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