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Book Recommendations

One of my friends is looking to nag his library to have more books involving gay themes/characters in it somewhere. (male, female, transgender, transvestite characters, whatever!). He's looking for ones that aren't only about the gay theme, so there's some other plot there too, so that it's going to be appealing to more people so that the library is more likely to get it. It doesn't have to be purely romance or coming of age or whatever, a character in it somewhere could simply just be gay. (though, it can be more than that. But he's not looking for anything too... erotic/explicit/adult in general I suppose, because it's for a school library)
Any suggestions? Tell me what the book is about and who it's by. :)
And, have you ever suggested books to your library before? Did they get them? I have and they got 2/3rds of them. Apparently very few people suggest things and my suggestions were good.

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