So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
So useless and so pretty and so good

Another 'I went partying & drama happened' question from me.

Ok so here's the rundown. Last night was my mates 21st. Lots of drinking & shenanigans ensued. A close mate & his girlfriend had a bit of a fight, she decided to sleep in the spare room (aka my room) for the night & the boyfriend & myself slept in his bed. The girlfriend has told me that she trusts her boy & I because we are like brother & sister.

We get out of bed after an hour to drive my cousin to the ensuing party up the road. A friend (who we'll call drama queen) runs up to the car raving about how the girlfriend is upset because she thinks myself & her boyfriend are up to no good. I get very upset as I think the girlfriend believes I think so little of her that I'd cheat with her boyfriend & I suggest that I not sleep in his bed tonight.

We go home & I talk to the girlfriend. She says it's all bullshit & proceeds to assure me that she trusts me.

Another friend (who we'll call asshole) will fuck anything with a pussy & knew that my mate & his girlfriend had a fight that night. He wanted her to go back to his house to party with him but she said no. He goes to leave & sees me in my bra in my mates bed (I was putting on my pj top). He then proceeds to sms the girlfriend once he gets home that she should go party with him because myself & the boyfriend are in bed naked together & we're not to be trusted. He says I've wanted to fuck her boyfriend for years & she's an idiot for trusting me.

Girlfriend tells me this, writes back at least 3 times saying she trusts us & is going to bed. I send him a message telling him to pretty much get fucked, then after he writes back acting like a total asshole, I write another one letting him know how hurt I am that he obviously thought so low of me that I'd cheat with a friends boyfriend & how I thought we were closer friends than that.

After this the girlfriend & myself sleep in the spare room with the boyfriend downstairs in his room.

Ok, so after the back story. I have a feeling that this will all be downplayed by asshole next time I see him.

If you were in my situation, would you want to talk/see asshole again after this?
Would you believe him if he told you that he was drunk & that he doesn't really think that of you?
Would you believe him if he told you he was just saying that to get in the girlfriends pants & didn't really think that of you?

How would you deal with this, seeing as you thought he was a good friend?

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