The Whole Catastrophe (wild_root_fruit) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Whole Catastrophe

It's your thang.

1. Do you have any things that are just the things of your childhood? Show & Tell. (My answer might help the question make more sense. My apologies, I have pregnant brain.) Pictures if you have them!

2. Are you the one to tell jokes, the first one to get jokes or the last one to get them? Are you happy this way or would you like to change?

3. What does catnip do for cats?

4. Is there any other kind of sloppy joe than Manwich? Do you call sloppy joes sloppy joes? Have you ever heard them called anything else?

5. Is there any band that you can say you like every single one of their songs?

1. My grandmother is my everything and my entire life she has drank Diet Pepsi all the day long - from this cup. This cup is the cup of her mother's and my family's business - Snow White Grill. Recently, I went to visit her and of course chose this cup to drink from and she mentioned that it is the last one she thinks she has. I took it home because it means more to me than any other thing that could be left to me in a will. I've been sipping Diet Pepsi that was only good because it was my Grandmother's and from this cup. I swear my tea tastes better because it's in this cup.

2. I love to tell cheesy but cute jokes. Like the one about the snail from Trading Places - do you know it? Or this one - why did the tomatoe turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing. Hahaaaaa. But yes, I usually am the last one to get jokes - my sense of humor is so not mainstream...thank God. But it's also not as cheesy as the jokes I tell. I suppose yes I would like to be a little quicker with the wit - I wonder what I would have to trade God to get it though.

3. I don't know, tis why I'm askin.

4. Not so far in my life! Yes. They used to call them "Steamers" in this town I used to live.

5. Not so much. K's Choice comes close though.
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