Nena Mata Hari (lijepanena) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nena Mata Hari

Life lessons

1) What was your most humbling experience?

2) What have you learned about human nature since you graduated from high school? Be sure to add your graduating year.

3) Have you ever had this experience where much needed help came from a most unlikely source?

4) Are you a grudge holder?

5) Did you go to your high school reunion? If so, what was your experience?

1. Meeting up with people from the "popular crowd" in high school many years later and seeing that they're just human like everyone else was a big wake up call for me not to hold grudges. It was only hurting me, and pride can get in the way of much needed healing. We ended up helping each other in ways that I never would have guessed.

2. I graduated in 1991. My views on human nature resembles a pendulum. Sometimes I think that people are fucking rotten pieces of shit deep down. Sometimes I think "eh, maybe people aren't that bad." I think I may lean towards the Buddhist opinion that people are born good, but their culture makes them bad and they have to do a lot of work on themselves to overcome that.

3. See my answer to question #1.

4. My nature is to hold grudges and it takes so much effort for me not to hold grudges. It's a daily chore.

5. I haven't been to any. I was going to go to my 15th, but then I ended up with a massive infection in my sinuses, throat and inner ears that made me dizzy and unable to drive.
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