a person (mercuryisme) wrote in thequestionclub,
a person

lots o' questions

1. Where does earwax come from? Why does it exist? Is it there because God decided that each orifice should leak something, even if it's not useful?

2. How much do you tip a hairstylist?
b. She's charging me $70 for highlights plus $35 for a cut (bangs and a trim). Does that seem fair? It's my first time going to her.

3. What are some chain stores (retail, clothes) whose dress code allows facial piercings? I have a lip ring, and I'd rather not take it out just yet. I know that eventually I'll have to sacrifice it, but right now I'm 19 and I want a casual job that'll let me keep it. I applied to Hot Topic already, lol. I'm also going to apply to small bookstores and cafes, maybe music stores. Any other ideas?
Please don't just lecture me about the damn piercing. That won't be helpful, and I know all of you live to be helpful.

4. What's your favorite breed of dog? How about cat? Horse?
I like weiner dogs, german shepherds and black labs. Other than that, I usually think mutts are cuter and more interesting than purebreds. Cats- Siamese and those sleek blue-grey cats. Horses- I have a special place in my heart for Quarter Horses, because I used to do cutting and barrel racing, but if I could ride a Dutch Warmblood I'd be in heaven. They are gorgeous. I also like Arabians, but who doesn't? They're cute.

5. Do you write in paper journals along with your online journal? What thoughts go in where?
The super private stuff goes in my paper journals.

6. My dad told me that me and my roommates might not get our security deposit back if our carpet looks bad. I think we can make it look great if we hired a steam cleaner to come in. About how much do those cost? Do they charge by square foot?

Thanks, folks.
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