Christine (letterstomybaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Family Traditions

My father died a year ago today and I'm feeling pretty sad, but also a little nostalgic, thinking about the stuff he and I used to do when I was little. Little family traditions he and I had together. Which got me to thinking about other families and what traditions they might have.

1) Do you have any family traditions?
2) Did you continue to follow them when you were older? Or introduce those same traditions to your kids? Or will you continue them when you have kids?
3) If not, will you create some for your kids when you have them?
3a) Or did you create some when you had kids?
4) If you had any, did you hate them? Like them? Why?
5) If you didn't have any, did you want any?

1) Yes. My Dad always gave me a present to open Christmas Eve. And it was always a book that he hoped would calm me down enough to sleep.

And the first day of Spring, we'd plant flowers together and just spend the day together talking.

2) Yes, except for the Christmas Eve present when I was old enough to move out. And, yes, I continue them with my kids.

3a) We created a few. Every Christmas Eve my daughters got two presents to open. Both presents were an ornament to hang on the tree. The first was always something that represented a big event in their life that year. The second was just something pretty, that when they moved out, would go with them so that they'd have ornaments of their own in their new home.

The second, every spring when they were little, we'd plant a fairy ring (pretty much just a circle of flowers with dirt in the center) and check it each morning to see if there were any tiny footprints in it the next morning from dancing fairies. Silly, but it was fun.

4) I loved the tradition of getting a present every Christmas Eve. But when I got to be a teen, I started to hate that it was always a book. And when it stopped, I realized how much I missed it, and how I had saved every single book he had given me.
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