Allison (kissmeimjewish) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my bestfriend got her cell stolen yesterday. She has sprint. She got it stolen while at school (she's a teacher) So she calls me while i'm at choir. (which is at the same time every week, and i never answer calls then) I don't answer because it's a phone number i dont recongize. so I ignore the call. She IM's my sister to ask why i'm not answering the phone. after choir I call her back and she explians what happened. ok. so she changed from being on her dad's plan to her own (about damn time).
My question: am I wrong in that even though she turned off her phone on her dad's plan and she'd have to pay $200 for canceling her plan, it would have just made as much sense to turn it off on the stolen phone and buy a new phone and put the same number and plan on the phone?

If i'm making no sense i'm sorry. this whole thing pissed me off lastnight when I was told, no idea why i got mad about it but she lacks street smarts

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