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Have you ever reported a company to the Better Business Bureau?
Which company?
What did they do?
Did they have a satisfactory record with the BBB or an unsatisfactory record?

I just reported a company for cashing my post dated check. It caused my bank account to bounce. Fuckers. I called them, and they gave me the run around for an hour. So I reported their asses. They've had 24 complaints in the last 36 months. I also almost reported Alltel a few years ago, but after 2 weeks of wrangling with them, managed to get my money back. They posted my payment 3 times and made my account bounce then too. Argh. I am not having a good day.

EDIT: Unrelated, but is there a way to send a fax over the internet without a fax machine? I'm thinking there may be...
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