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What's your claim to fame?  I'm not sure how to pluralize that sentence but please tell me more than one if you want!

What's was the last piece of bad news someone gave you?

1. I've done a Jersey Turnpike.  Willingly.
      -This hilarious dance I do, and try to teach other people when I'm drunk.
      -People often comment on my taste in music.  If you're looking for a song, odds are I have it.

2.  My entire life has revolved around my best friend for the past 2 years.  I became so close with his family, extended and immediate (especially one of his sisters and her daughter).  I consider them family.  We've been through some really terrible/major shit the past 2 years and I can't think of another person I'd rather have gone through it all with.  His parents are building a house on some lake in Virginia...more than 8 hours away.  I've just been informed that not only are his parents going, but now his sister and the baby are going.  I was really upset.....until he told me yesterday that he is definately going too.  My heart is broked. :o(

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