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okay, i know i've been asking way too many questions today, but i didn't break any rules and i swear this will be my last batch of questions...i hope ;)

this will be my first time traveling without my parents so i just have a few questions. we will be going to honolulu right after exams. (may 1st-may 7th) -- i asked about buying tickets online a while back


1. we figure, the more stops we have the cheaper the tickets are so...we found a few with two stops and we're totally okay with that. my question is. how much time should we have between stops?

2. what do i do with my luggage? i know this question is so lame and i feel foolish for asking it but the last time i was on a plane my parents took care of everything. do i have to pay extra to have my luggage checked? how big can the carry on be? (i know if we booked wtih an agent i could ask these questions but since we're not, i'm a little paranoid and don't want to run into any surprises at the airport) what do i do with my luggage when we transfer planes? do i have to check it in again or will it be automatically done for me? anything i should know about luggage?

3. where can i go to find information on what i can and can not bring on the airplane/ into the country with me. we're from ontario, canada and will be driving to buffalo airport to catch our plane. we all have passports..anything else?

i'm so excited and nervous about this trip cause everyone says i'll have a fantastic time in hawaii but traveling by plane in the states can be horrible.

any suggestions? recommendations on anything else i should do/bring/be aware of?

any suggestions on what i should do/bring/beware of while in honolulu?

i will definitely do more research once my exams finish up but i'm way too excited/anxious so i just want to get some things off my back and i swear i'll get to studying...soon ;)

yes, i asked a travel community and its already been 10 minutes and no responses. i'm really not use to that since you guys never keep me waiting longer than 4 minutes for an answer. =)

okay, thats it! i swear. thank you ♥
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