Joyce (jump_for_joyce) wrote in thequestionclub,

What would you do?

So I decide to grab a drink for 8th period when I'm waiting for the bottle to tumble out of the machine and I see this dude standing next to me STARING at me. I pretend to ignore him. Then he says, "Can I borrow the quarter you get back?" (I put in $1 and the drink was $0.75.) Ok, I'm really not a mean person, but I don't know this scary/stupid-looking boy before except that I remember he asked to "borrow" money from me before. I don't mind lending money at all if it's to people I know.

I said, "No." He didn't move. My drink comes out, the quarter comes out, and he's still there. He says again, "Can I borrow that quarter?" Frustrated, and about to be very very rude, I repeated, "I said no. Sorry," and I walked off. Later, I was thinking about it, and I thought maybe it was rude of me to not give him the quarter. I started to think, "Well, maybe he was really really thirsty and didn't have money. And it's just a quarter..."

Now my question is, what would you have done? And was I rude to not give it to him?
Tags: advice, hypothetical, money
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