The Whole Catastrophe (wild_root_fruit) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Whole Catastrophe

If you read and follow this, thanks.

This person's name will be Person.

*Person has a past that she has yet let to let go of...a past that is 6 or 7 years gone.
*Person still can not talk about it/has guilt they feel they need to cover/is over-sensitive and paranoid.
*Person got stalkerish with these people in her past and only recently stopped when she met and became serious with her to-be-husband.
*Person has struggled with heavy drinking/partying/denial issues, mild bulemia and has pretty serious body image issues.
*Person got married recently, after a very rocky and psychologically unstable engagement.
*Person whom she married is divorced / older with children. 
*Person has shown themselves to be psychologically unhealthy in dealing with her step-children and what it means to be a step-mom - guilt trips, high expectations, screwy perceptions after she saw how the children were and how the children were parented by the father (her husband) before she decided to engage and marry into the family.
*Person tried to commit suicide over the holidays and as with most things in her life, did quite well at hiding such a thing from everyone in her life; family, friends, etc.
*Person has always fooled people into thinking she is a quirky, fun person with few problems - part of the denial/survival method ... this normally is okay if the person is trying to get help and comes to terms with their issues and does not put anyone else in having offspring.
*Person is basically trying to get pregnant now, amid all of the issues.

The questions are: 

How would you react to this person if they were in your life? 
How would you take the news of pregnancy? 
What advice would you have for this person?
What is the best way to go about being honest/ true to yourself about seeing things for what they are, even if the person doesn't and yet not butting your nose into their business?

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