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I'm full of questions.

Names changed to one.

Exact: I had a reseller hosting account with a CompanyX, for about a month. Then I moved to CompanyY. I emailed CompanyX to ask them to cancel my account. They replied "Cancel the account through BillingPlace", which I then did. My reseller with CompanyX is still up. I cancelled around 6 March. Should I email CompanyX again, to ask them to now delete the account? (Perhaps I should have asked them to cancel AND delete the account. lol.) Should I just let it stay there, to see how long they forget about it?

Basically: Something I no longer pay for, that I don't need or use, still works, when it shouldn't. Should I tell the people who could delete it, to, well, delete it? Or let it continue to waste away?
Tags: computers, shopping, the internet
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