paperdoll (poemi) wrote in thequestionclub,


Maintaining you eyebrows seems to be kinda of a big deal for people, men and women. But I think maybe I'm a freak, because I haven't met anyone else like this:

My eyebrows don't grow in at all. Seriously, I never ever have to tweeze or wax or any of that. And its weird because I'm Sicilian, and as we all know Sicilians can grow hair like nobody's business (and I do, everywhere else). I'm not complaining or bragging or anything, I'm just wondering about this.

Did this happen to anyone else? And WHY don't they grow in anymore? They used to, years ago, but they stopped for a long time now. I'm only 21 and I probably haven't tweezed them in like 5 years.
Tags: hair, health

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