Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst (fieryphoenix) wrote in thequestionclub,
Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst

Imagine a chocolate cake achieved both sentience and mobility. What would it do? Assuming it had legal right to work in its country, where would it work? Do you think a chocolate cake would be a hard-working, dedicated employee, or a lazy bum that shirks duties and always clocks out on the exact minute its shift ends? Can you see yourself being friends with the chocolate cake? True friends, or just to get close enough to it to take a bite?

Have you seen any flocks of birds in the sky? What kind(s) of birds? What direction were they going? What would they do if they came across a sentient, mobile chocolate cake?

Also I'd like to holla out to all mah TQC homiez! All y'all keep it real, yo. Peace!
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