Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Electro Shock

Ok I'm not really sure what the thing is called but I want one. Last spring I had to go to the workman's comp doctor for tendinitis and while there they had me go to physical thearpy twice a week to try and make my wrists/hands better...didn't really solve anything, but that's aside the point because it made the pain go away for at least a bit. They used this one little electrode type thing, it had two of those cushion pads and they would put it along certain nerve points on my hands/wrists and then would turn the machine on and put it up to a certain intensity and it basically gave a very small little electro shock. It really really helped I remember and I'm curious what that thing is called and if it's possible to get one. I think my old roommate actually had one of those so that's why I'm thinking it might be possible to buy, but the first step is knowing it's name so um any help?

Oh and just another random question, I have some time to kill before work for once and so with morning TV being so great I would up with the option of watching the season finale of "Nashville Star" from last year. I wasn't paying full attention but I have a question about the finalists...did I hear right where they said they were brother and sister or did I just miss something? I'm just curious.

Ah hell as long as I'm hear, another just random question that popped into my head...anyone know the name of the band who's video I keep catching on MTV2 & Fuse where the DRUMMER is singing lead for most of the song? It's a rock song and I really like it, but I keep missing the title and artist.
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