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when i scream there's no reply


I've been feeling crappy lately and decided to amuse myself to stay sane. I took my violin to work with me today, though I've still yet to learn how to even tune the damn thing. ;P People actually let me have room to breathe, and didn't look at me like I was going to steal their children, it was neat.

Anyway, my questions are related to the above!

1- Have you ever done something just to see what kind of attention you'd receive? If so, what was it and what kind of attention did you get?
2- What sort of thing makes you smile at someone in public who you don't know?
3- Are you usually so wrapped up in your own life that you ignore everyone else and just plow over strangers when you have somewhere to be? :(
4a- How would you react to someone with blue hair?
4b- How would you react to someone with an eye-seeing dog (practising or in training)?
4c- How would you react to someone strutting about nearly-naked (especially if they're not some sexy thing that should be seen as such, supposedly. ;P)?

PS, this isn't my attempt at a social experiment. I'm not tracking any variables, it's not a closed environment, blah blah blah. So before anyone gets on my case (yeah, you know who you people are! just cuz you're in university doesn't make you all knowing, by the way) don't bother. :)
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