cat's cradle (polaroidstain) wrote in thequestionclub,
cat's cradle

Do you recognise me question club?
What song's lyrics describe you at some moment in your life?
well uh, i've had jamelias - something about you on repeat because the lyrics go "i can talk to you for days, you make me laugh a thousand ways." cos.. thats what he did last year.
What do I tell my parental I failed my ever so important maths test?
Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
What is something you know you have to get rid of... but you just don't?
My old ticket stubs, little receipts, nonsense in my wallet. Also, all the expired medicine.
Last all nighter?
I want.. to have an allnighter right now. But... I will suffer majorly tomorrow morning. Ah well.


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