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I'm gonna quit even if it kills me.

So, since tonight is my last night as a smoker (my quit date is in the morning) I figured I would ask some morale-boosting questions.

1: Have you ever quit smoking? For how long?

2: How many tries did it take for you to really quit?

3: Did you take anything to help you quit?

4: How many packs a day did you smoke?

5: Did you use quitnet to help you out?

1: I've quit a couple times before. The longest was for 2 1/2 weeks and I started back up again for stupid reasons. Since then the longest has been 2 days.
2: Pfffft, I think this will be try #5 or something.
3: I am on team Wellbutrin SR. It's already made me smoke less for the last few days.
4: 2 1/2 packs, which puts me in the 'holy shit, good luck' category.
5: I'm on there. Dunno if it'll help. If you want to add me or whatever, my sn is the same there as it is here.

I'm really nervous about this all of a sudden, I was fine until like 2:15 this morning when I got so freaked that I was gonna fuck it up that I made myself nauseated.
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