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ER bills after being raped

Ok, TQC: I just saw my medical bills from when I went to the emergency room in mid-January after being raped. Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that they want to charge me $675 for my ER visit, and $344 apparently for the prescription I had to get? (I have crappy insurance through my job, and have like a $1000 deductible).

Also, here's what happened: I was raped, got home, and my roommates took me to the closest hospital we know of. I get there, talk to the nurses, yada yada, they take my blood pressure and temperature, and I pretty much just hang out and wait in a room until they can see me. When the police officer finally gets there and is asking about details of what happened, I tell him where it happened, and he informs me they can't do anything because I was actually raped in the next county over. Now this hospital is billing me $166 and some change. Do I have to pay it? Would you pay it? Will not paying it screw my credit or something?

(They sent me to the hospital in the town where I was raped, which is where the two aforementioned bills came from)

And, do you think I have grounds to sue the guy who raped me, and make HIM pay these bills?

Has anyone else heard that Tennessee is the only state where rape kits aren't free? My roommate said it was on the news, but I've not heard this. Anyone know anything about that?
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